B-1, B-2. Visas for Temporary Visitors.

B-1. Visitors for business. Allows temporary visits for business. Must show intent to depart at expiration of stay given. Needs to show employment, family, and other ties to residence abroad. May engage in commercial transactions not involving employment.

B-2. Visitors for pleasure.  Allows tourists, those visiting friends or relatives or who are coming for health or medical purposes but must have the means to pay for medical treatment. May come to participate in conventions or social organizations or in amateur musical or sports events with no remuneration.

North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Provides for the admission of Mexican and Canadian citizens who are coming to engage in professional activities.
Visitors for Business
Canadian and Mexican citizens may enter the U.S. as business visitors as long as they receive no salary from a U.S. source.
L Petitions
Canadians can present the petition at a Class A Port of Entry or preflight station and spouses and children may apply as L-2. Mexicans must submit an I-129 petition.
Status for Canadian and Mexican citizens engaged in professional activities. Must prove non-immigrant intent. Spouses and minor children of TN are admitted in TD status. They cannot accept employment but may study fulltime.

Student And Trainee Visas

F Visas. Students
If you are a student qualified to pursue a full course of study in an established institution of learning, you intend to depart the U.S. after you complete your studies, and you have sufficient financial support you may qualify for a student visa. Contact our office for a consultation.  May obtain practical training and Optional practical training for a limited period of time.
M Visas. Vocational Students.
M Visas are for those who study in a vocational or nonacademic curriculum. May include a language and training program.  SEVIS I-20 is required.