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Immigration Law Overview

Long Beach Immigration Attorney

United States immigration law can be very complex and overwhelming. There are five different departments in the federal government which deal with immigration for the most part. The Department of Homeland Security and its subdivisions are what most individuals wishing to immigrate to the U.S. are concerned with. At The Vittoria Firm, our Long Beach immigration lawyers have helped clients with a variety of immigration law concerns. Matters of immigration law can be difficult to understand and simple errors or miscommunications can harm those that are not legal citizens. Looking to gain entry is a complicated process and even those that would appear to have everything in order can deal with long setbacks.

California Immigration Attorney Maria Vittoria may be able to help you or someone you know with legal matters surrounding immigration. They are able to seek solutions for those that wish to enter and stay for any length of time. They are also able to offer their services to those that wish to gain citizenship. It is advised that you work with a professional and failing to do so may cost you or a family member. The firm is able to offer invaluable aid that can impact your life in many ways. The following are some of the practice areas that they can present a first class standard of service in:


For those that have been denied by a judge and been given a ruling that is unfair, an appeal is the chance to represent the case. When the matter is looked into by another person, they may find that further information or a different opinion is reason for the original decision to be overturned. Sometimes a case was not heard thoroughly and through persistence a better alternative is sought.


Asylum is for those that are being persecuted for their race, religion, politics of nationality. They can seek the protection of another government to guard them against this persecution that may put them in fear. This is a person that is in their own country and they will seek an outside government.


Some foreign born nationals come to the state only for a period of time and others find that they want to make it their home. While it is not mandatory to become a citizen to have access to the country, this can allow for continual stay, the ability to work and vote and a number of other benefits.

Consular Process Visa

There are U.S. Consulates that can be found throughout the world and the residents of those countries can apply to have an immigrant visas from these locations. This is a convenient way to seek the ability to enter the United States and can allow for the details to be squared away before embarking.

Deferred Action

These changes came to the law last year and they allowed for certain immigrants that were taken to the United States illegally as young children and are now facing removal proceedings, to potentially be relieved of this process. Certain standards must be met in order for an immigrant to be considered eligible.

Deportation/Removal Defense

Gaining access and the right to stay in the country can be challenging. Those that are come here may do so without or without a visa. Visas can expire as well and when they do, the individual may try to avoid deportation. When a criminal action is suspected, foreign born internationals may also have the fear of being removed from the country. There are ways to defend against this and either avoid deportation or gain time.

Employment-Related Visas

There are a number of reasons that people seek to enter the country and one may be for a certain job. They may have one lined up already or are looking to gain employment. In these visas, priority is given to those that have a certain job and a certain skill. This often means that they excel in a certain areas, such as healthcare.

Family Based Immigrant Visas

For those that have a family member that is a permanent resident or is a legal citizen, gaining a visa yourself may be easier to accomplish There are certain laws that have been implemented to cater to this category, but even then, if the case is not handled property a family member may find themselves unable to remain here.

Motions to Reopen

If you believe there is an errors that was made in your case then you can seek to reopen the matter. Not just any case can be reopened and it will need a valid reason given in order to do so. There will have to be new information that is provided or some sort of information that can turn the tables.


Residency is another option that is available to those looking to gain certain rights and legal stay in the country. Being a resident does not mean you are a legal citizen but it will come with many of these benefits. This includes the ability to life here legally, seek employment and aid relatives that are looking to have access to the states granted.

Waivers of Inadmissibility

This waiver can be sought by those that are considered inadmissible for reasons such as a security violation, criminal activity, a violation of immigration law and more. Through it, they can file an application for the legal entry into America. This can be challenging to do and it is advised you work with an attorney.

I-601A Waiver

This is a new waiver that will be available shortly. Through it, a person in the country illegally but that has an immediate family member that is a citizen, can shorten the time span it takes to gain an answer on whether access has been granted or not. There are numerous details that should be understood when it comes to these waivers.

When you need help with immigration law issues, you are in good hands with an attorney well-versed in immigration and nationality law. An attorney from The Vittoria Firm is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of immigration and has helped clients in Long Beach, San Pedro, Norwalk, Bellflower, Torrance and North Orange County. Maria Vittoria has represented clients in need of legal help at any stage of the visa, immigration, citizenship or residency process.

How a Long Beach Immigration Law Attorney May Help You

Every case is unique but a skilled immigration lawyer part of a competent legal team at the firm may be able to help you, a family member or friend with immigration and naturalization issues. From ensuring that visa forms are properly filled out and submitted with required documentation to explaining the citizenship process from start to finish, an attorney with the firm has helped clients achieve their immigration goals no matter how complicated their case was. U.S. immigration law and procedures can seem very daunting if faced alone and it can be a lengthy process. With the help of quality legal counsel to walk you through every step of the way, your chances at success are much greater. Contact a Long Beach immigration attorney at the firm today to arrange an initial consultation on your case and get all of your immigration law questions addressed!